TaHoma One

TaHoma One

Brand: SOMFY

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With the new TaHoma® One application, Somfy places real, condensed, technological control into your hands. TaHoma® One simplifes the control, programming and monitoring of all of your home devices. It’s so intuitive to use, why wait? Accessible over the internet, via a computer, smartphone or tablet, with the TaHoma® One interface, you have touch control of windows, curtains, blinds, lights, audio-visual entertainment system, sensors, etc. In short, your environment moves with you, so regardless of where you are, in the house, on vacation or at work... you are always at home.


The TaHoma® Box radically simplifies control in the house
- Easily control your home whether you’re home or away with the TaHoma® interface.
- You customize your home automation, at any time, so you stay in control.

Somfy wireless home automation is compatible with any configuration: newbuild or renovation.
- It is easy to install without major structural work, whatever your project.

Somfy home automation is adapts as your needs and your budget change.
- You can add new devices to your installation whenever you want.

TaHoma® ensures compatibility with the industry standard protocols including,
- io-homecontrol®, RTS®, Honeywell, EnOcean, etc.


  • My home
    - Control all compatible devices. Individually or in groups.
    - Provide a realtime display of the status of equipment: open or closed, on or off.
    - With the camera, you can monitor your home remotely.
  • My scenarios
    - Create scenarios to manage several home devices simultaneously (for instance, the “going out” scenario, which closes all roller shutters and roof windows, and switches off all the lights).
    - Activate your scenarios manually.
  • My week
    - Create a day, with scenarios which start to run at the selected time (up to 20 days possible).
    - Program a week with different days (e.g.: “work” day and “weekend” day).
  • My sensors
    - Combine scenarios with sensors: sunlight, temperature, opening, smoke or presence.
    - Program sending an SMS or e-mail, if the sensors detect an incident.

Technical characteristics

TaHoma One

Radio Frequency :868.25/868.95/869.85 MHz
Width :50 mm
Height :145 mm
Depth :145 mm

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083 349 8888


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