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The wall control range for time programming. Somfy presence simulation the product simulates a presence by moving the openings even when users are not at home


Comfort of automation
- Motorized applications are automatically managed by the time programming (weekly programming) 

More security
- Chronis Smart: 'Presence Simulation function' to simulate a presence when the user is not at home
- Applications can be closed automatically in the evening even if the user is not at home

More energy saving
- Chronis Smart : the twilight function automatically allows to take account of variations in daylight hours (essential for improving window insulation in winter)


  • Timer function
    - Daily programming: the same opening and closing times for every day of the week (1 opening
    time and 1 closing time)
  • 1 Channel
    - to manage one motorized applications or 1 group of motorized application
  • Up / Stop (“my” button) / Down functions

  • Auto / Manu Function
    -The user can deactivate the automatic mode established at any moment and stay in control
    of the home
  • Timer function
    -Weekly programming: option to program each day of the week differently : 1 opening time and 1 closing time
  • Twilight (Cosmic 2)
    - The clock automatically adjust closing time to sunset hour
  • Presence simulation
    - The product simulates a presence by moving the openings even when users are not at

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